Vol. 6, No. 2, Fall 2016

​Kaveh Akbar's "Recovery Math" and "Portrait of the Alcoholic with Note. . ."
Mario Ariza's "Chivo Expiatorio"
Nicole Cooleys "Photograph: Unidentified Inmates. . ."
Meg Day's "Make Me a Stranger in This Place"
Geffrey Davis's "The Fidelity of Angles" and "3:16 - Whosoever" and "3:16 - The Epistemology. . ."
Dylan Debelis's "Rieker's Prime Meats"
Dante Di Stefano's "The Mayfly's Complaint to the Holy Family"
Vievee Francis's "Doubt" and "Given to Rust, Given to Pain"
Sara Fetherolf's "Fourth Town"
Stephen Gibson's " Frida Kahlo Lead Pencil Drawing. . ." and "Frida Kahlo's Teen Boyfriend's . . ."
Sharon McDermott's "Waiting for Gauguin"
Amy Miller's "Wolf OR-7" series
Tracy Mishkin's "Making Do"
Rajiv Mohabir's "Indian Humpback Dolphin" and "Ketea Indikos"
Ellene Moore's "At Big Cypress National Preserve"
Matthew Olzmann's "Phantom Routes" and "Day Zero"
Suzanne Roszak's "My People Say the Rosary. . ."
Ashley Sietz Kramer's "Utah WInter"
Lauren Slaughter's "Tuberculosis Sanatorium Nurse, 1860"
Stephanie Smith's "Getting By Without a Fix"
Lindsay Tigue's "Foretold"
Travis Truax's "Prairie Hill, Oklahoma"

Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2016

José Angel Araguz's "Sin"
Matthew Burns' "Instructions for an Elegy to Ginger, the Chicken"
Chen Chen's "Higher Education"
Fred Dale's "Meteors over Hurricane Ridge"
Chelsea Dingman's "Any Other Sun" and "The Windsurfer"
Kate Gaskin's "Flight"
Lana I. Ghannam's "There is a stillness after you"
Sarah Hart's "This time of year"
Keetje Kuipers' "Spring Letter from the South"
Devi S. Laskar's "Untitled Western Country Song. . ."
Jennifer Stewart Miller's "Dumped in swampy ground, axles up"
Wayne Miller's "Image: Postmodernity" and "Ballad (American, 21st Century)"
Christine Poreba's "Mysterious Waters"
Sean Shearer's "Hide and Seek"
Terry Ann Thaxton's "Soldier's Creek Trail"
Shannon Camlin Ward's "Vanishing Spell"
Jamie Wendt's "Burying the Genizah"
Emily Paige Wilson's "My Great-Grandmother's Ghost. . ."
Lindsay Wilson's "Blood Sausage"
Matt Wimberley's "Silent Woods"

Vol. 5, No. 2, Fall 2015

Jennifer Bartell's “Leaves Like Prayer” 
Lisa Beans's “So Let's Talk About Metaphors” 
Mary Block's “Mother of Pearl” 
Chelsey Butler's “Words”
Sarah Crossland's “Darling” 
Kwame Dawes's “Rain” 
Barbara Edelman's “It is nor hand nor foot in the mouth” 
Elyse Fenton's “Life on Other Planets”
Brock Jones’s "Dendrochronology"
Tod Marshall’s "We Carry Guilt Like a Virus" 
John Messick's “The Dog Yard Storm” 
Wendy Neale Merry's “After you promised...” 
                                       "Your second chance..." 
Joe Mills's “Enter Ghosts”
A. Molotkov's “The Catalog of Broken Things”
William Orem's “The Swimmer”
Diana Reaves's “Benedictions” 
Nancy Reddy's "Of All That Is Seen and Unseen"
                           "The First Miracle"
T. J. Sandella's "The Former Number One Draft Pick..." 
Brittany Scott's "Schema" 
Martha Silano's "What To Say When Your Baby..." 
Chantelle Smith's "From the Kitchen Porch"
Heather Swan's "Thaw" 
Emily Vizzo's "The One Passenger"

Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 2015

E. Kristin Anderson’s “‘Fresh-faced and dirty’” 
Ellen Bass’s “Deliquescence”
Ellen Bass’s “Hello Morning
Joseph Bathanti’s “Light at the Seam”
Joseph Bathanti’s “The Windows of Heaven”
C. Wade Bentley’s “Gone Off” 
C. Wade Bentley’s “The Winter from Which None Will Emerge Unscathed” 
Tina Mozelle Braziel’s “To Season” 
Cheryl Dumesnil’s “Revolution” 
Chera Hammons’s “Mineral Rights”
Kate Henry’s “Each Day”
Brock Jones’s “Insomnia”
Adrian C. Louis’s “Unsent Valentine to Porcupine, South Dakota”
Mark Madigan’s “Kate”
Lynn Otto’s “Still with My Mother” 
Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli’s “At the Kitchen Table” 
Mike Smith’s “Anchorage”
Mike Smith’s “Branson, Missouri”
Mark Smith-Soto’s “Old Man Winter” 

Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 2014

Jeffrey Alfier’s “Long Beach Littoral for Late March” 
John Blair’s “Shooting Dove” 
Laurie Byro’s “The Fox Requiem” 
Allen Chamberlain’s “Walking the Buttermilk Trail”
James Crews’s “In a Blizzard” 
James Crews’s “Waiting for Love” 
Noel Crook’s “Prey”
Noel Crook’s “Orion’s Belt”
Noel Crook’s “House”
Wendy DeGroat’s “Running Late
Emari DiGiorgio’s “A Girl Writes a Letter to God” 
Emari DiGiorgio’s “The White Horses of Wainui Beach” 
Heather Dobbins’s “Her Knees, Shaking” 
Tony Gloeggler’s “This Kind of Room” 
T. J. McLemore’s “Corpus Christi” 
Mara Eve Robbins’s “Almost Raw”
Anele Rubin’s “When I Was New” 
P. J. Williams’s “Displacement” 
Landa wo’s “Lament for the mango tree’s daughter” (English & French) 

Vol. 4 Winter/Spring 2014

John Balaban's "A Tiny Bird"
C. Wade Bentley's "Cicadian" 
C. Wade Bentley's "Just Before Dawn" 
Elizabeth Breen's "Genesis of a Jet" 
John Buckley and Martin Ott's poem, "Moon Shot"
Jill Coyle's "Winter" 
Panagiota Doukas's "Second Trial"
Karen Harryman's "Penelope" 
Debra Kaufman's "Play House" 
Kristin Laurel's "The Lifting" 
Dorianne Laux's "Romance"
Marsha Mathews's "Kidnapping Mary" 
Susan McDonough-Hintz's "Wingbert" 
Joseph Millar's "Moving The Raleigh Review"
Andrea Jurjević's "Aubade" 
Rick Rohdenburg's "Elegy, for the Immortal" 
Eric Paul Shaffer's "Soliloquy of the Chicken Sexer"
Emily Wilson's "From August On"

Vol. 3 (2012-2013)

Jeffrey Alfier's "Terlingua
Doug Anderson, 2012-2013 RR Featured Poet
John Balaban's "Spring-Watching Pavilion"
Judy Shepps Battle's "Om Tara" 
Benjamin Goldberg's "Gingerbread House" 
Dorianne Laux's "The Nakedness of Things"
Nissa Lee's "At the Tidal Basin" 
Gerardo Mena's "Cylindrical" 
Jane Otto's "After" 
Scott Owens's "Of Ten or More in a Room"
Scott Owens's "Partly Norman" 
David Rigsbee's "Masha" 
Andrea Scarpino's "Without You" 
Leslee Wright's "Courtship"

Vol. 2 (2011-2012)

Sherman Alexie's "After the Young Hoopster...
Sherman Alexie's "The Eternal K-Mart Layaway Odyssey"
Sherman Alexie's "Forty-Year Marriage"
Sherman Alexie's "One More Epitaph For My Gravestone"
Josh Booton's "Cache
Darren Demaree's "A George Jones Song" 
Jonathan Harris's "A Fable for Aesop" 
Kevin Heaton's "May The Saints Preserve" 
Nancy Hechinger's "Greenwich Village, Halloween Parade" 
M.J. Iuppa's "(In) Sight" 
Joseph Millar's "Half Made" 
Maria Nazos's "Tits and Violin" 
Brenda Paro's "My Sister's Broken Engagement" 
Janeen Rastall's "Obit Writing" 
Jermaine Simpson's "To Light A Cigarette
Barry Spacks's "New Jersey" 

Vol. 1 (2010)

Will Badger's "Bob's Magazine & Tobacco Shoppe in the Internet Age"   
Linda Blaskey's "Rest Stop, Eighty-Seven Miles from Asheville"   
Dan Boehl's poem sequence, "Selections from 'Self-Improvement'" 
Lee Bradbury's "Gelding"   
Dane Cervine's "The Art of Therapy"
Dane Cervine's "Enlightenment Is A Bitch" 
Geordie de Boer's "The Form" 
Caroline Fish's "Casual Interaction" 
Alan Gann's "Barn Dance" 
Alan Gann's "On Becoming the Best Poet in the Room"
Nene Giorgadze's "Cycle" 
Rob Greene's "In A Bar, You're Alone"
John Grey's "At The Reunion"   
Michelle Hartman's "Figures of Speech"    
Sandra Hoben's "No"
Mike Kriesel's "Threesome" 
Jennifer Lambert's "Teaching Ruby the J"   
John Lambremont Sr.'s "Pastime Lounger"
Dorianne Laux's "Without God"   
Larry Lefkowitz's "Acrostic" 
Laura LeHew's "The Well" 
Gayatri Makhijani's "Bombay Summer" 
Paula Mendoza-Hanna's "The Semiotician and the Poet" 
Joseph Millar's "Trying To Sell The House" 
Joseph Millar's "Dark Harvest"   
Scott Owens's "Poem to be Read Arriving Late on the First Day of Class" 
Robert Peake's "Las Vegas, Age Fifteen"   
Jessy Randall's "Are You Cool Enough Now" 
Rae Rose's "Men Who Should Have Loved Me"   
Renèe Ruderman's "Starless" 
Amy Sargent's "A Toast" 
Amy Sargent's "Eight Wide States Away"
Mather Schneider's "The Highlight of the Tucson Street Fair" 
Mather Schneider's "Electricity Man"
Mather Schneider's "A Call for Help on a Windy Day" 
G. Tod Slone's "Clique-Bound" 
Heather Stevens's "Weightless" 
John-Michael Velez's "Hey Bartender"   
Gavin Wisdom's "Captive to the Wind, Predator of the Deep" 
Annie Zaidi's "For Vilma, Berlin"

More Poetry Samples