Raleigh Review
501(c)(3) Nonprofit 
EIN: 27-2644341
ISSN: 2169-3943​

General submissions are open January-March for the Fall issue (closed April-May-June) 
and July-October for the Spring issue (closed November-December)

January 1 - March 31 general submissions are open to Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Fiction.
July 1 - October 31 general submissions are open to Poetry.
October 1 - October 31 general submissions are open to Short Fiction.
December 10 - December 25 hardship application/submissions are open to Poetry.

Submissions for our Laux/Millar RR Poetry Prize open January 1 - June 1, Even Years.
Submissions for our Flash Fiction Prize will be open July 1 - October 31, Every Year.
Submissions for our Multi-Genre Geri Digiorno Prize open January 1 - June 1, Odd Years.

Raleigh Review is a nonprofit magazine of poetry, fiction, and art. We believe that great literature inspires empathy by allowing us to see the world through the eyes of our neighbors, whether across the street or across the globe. Our mission is to foster the creation and availability of accessible yet provocative contemporary literature.

We are looking for poetry, flash fiction, and short fiction that is emotionally and intellectually complex. We read every piece for its intrinsic value, so new/emerging voices are often published along nationally recognized, award-winning authors. To get a feel for what we like, purchase the latest print issue, purchase 
Volume 1Volume 2, or Volume 3 for your Kindle, or visit the archives for sample poetry and fiction as well as our poetry audio archive.

General Guidelines

Submissions are welcomed via Submittable. There is a small fee for submitting online. Including a brief cover letter and/or bio is fine, but not required. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and encouraged. For fiction especially, if your work is accepted elsewhere (congratulations!), please withdraw it from Submittable.

For poetry, there is no need to withdraw your submission unless multiple poems have been placed elsewhere. You always have the option to decline a contract. If you feel you must notify us, please send us a note via

Please do not submit work that has been published in print or online. This includes but is not limited to work appearing in other journals, newspapers, magazines, or publicly accessible blogs.

We publish the hard copy magazine twice a year, with the Spring issue available in March and the Fall issue available in September.

Contest Submissions
The submission window for our Laux/Millar RR Poetry Prize will be open January 1 - June 1.

The submission window for our Flash Fiction Prize will be open July 1 - October 31.

General Submissions

Open January-March for the Fall issue (closed April-May-June). 

Open July-October for the Spring issue (closed November-December).

Response Time
Response time is typically 1-3 months, but occasionally may be as long as 3-6 months. Fiction currently has a longer turnaround time than poetry. Please feel free to query after 6 months by logging into your Submittable account and sending us a note from the system.

If your work is accepted for publication, please refrain from submitting again for a year.

For Poetry

Send up to five poems in ONE file (.doc, .docx, .pdf only). We latch onto novel language and images, skilled awareness of sound, visceral reactions. We love a lyric poem and are equally impressed by strong narratives. We want to remember your lines, days later. We want to be surprised and envious.

For Flash Fiction

  •      Works of fiction up to 1,000 words (.doc, .docx, .pdf only).
  •      We prefer flash fiction with narrative elements (i.e., not only images).
  •      While we are not looking specifically for speculative and genre fiction, we are open to            literary stories with genre elements.

For Short Fiction

Works of fiction 1,200 to 7,500 words (.doc, .docx, .pdf only). Note: While we accept up to 7,500 words, stories at the 4,000-5,000 word mark are more likely to be accepted than those that are longer, simply due to space constraints. Please do not combine multiple submissions in one file. While we are not looking specifically for speculative and genre fiction, we are open to literary stories with genre elements. We delight in stories from unique voices and perspectives. Any fiction that is born from a relatively unknown place grabs our attention.

For Visual Art

We are currently not accepting submissions for visual art.

Book Review Consideration

We occasionally review collections of poetry or short stories (usually no more than 1-2 per issue), which have been recently published or are forthcoming. To request consideration of your book for review, send one copy to Raleigh Review, Box 6725, Raleigh NC 27628. We will notify you if we do choose to review your book.  Review copies will not be returned.

Rights and Payment

Payment is $15 per work used, electronically paid via Coastal Federal Credit Union or Paypal on publication, plus one copy of the issue for those in the USA. For those with an international address, payment is two copies of the issue as we cannot send money outside our own country.

We request First North American Rights on works we publish, and all published content will be included in one or more EBSCO databases.

Thanks for your interest in Raleigh Review. We look forward to reading your work.

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