• Cache1:11
  • A George Jones Song0:31
  • A Fable for Aesop0:34
  • MayTheSaintsPreserve0:30
  • Tits and Violin1:42
  • My Sister's Broken Engagement1:08
  • Obit Writing0:44
  • To Light a Cigarette2:30
  • New Jersey1:46


  • Paul Beckman, "Views"
  • Mark Budman, "On Demand"
  • Renee LaGue, "Tilton Hill"
  • Daniel Lorberbaum, "Summer of the Woodpecker"
  • J.M. McDermott, "Gaia"
  • Shabnam Nadiya, "Eating Bone"
  • Jared Yates Sexton, "Mediation"


  • Sherman Alexie, "After the Young Hoopster. . ."                                                    "The Eternal K-Mart Layaway Odyssey"
                                  "Forty-Year Marriage"
                                  "One More Epitaph For My Gravestone"
  • Josh Booton, "Cache
  • Darren Demaree, "A George Jones Song" 
  • Jonathan Harris, "A Fable for Aesop" 
  • Kevin Heaton, "May The Saints Preserve" 
  • Nancy Hechinger, "Greenwich Village, Halloween Parade" 
  • M.J. Iuppa, "(In) Sight" 
  • Joseph Millar, "Half Made" 
  • Maria Nazos, "Tits and Violin" 
  • Brenda Paro, "My Sister's Broken Engagement" 
  • Janeen Rastall, "Obit Writing" 
  • Jermaine Simpson, "To Light A Cigarette" 
  • Barry Spacks, "New Jersey" 

Volume 2, (2012)

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