• Tawnysha Greene, "What Momma Draws on Windows"
  • John Oliver Hodges, "Cozy"
  • David Hopes, "The Many Subarus"
  • Tanya Jacob, "That Longcase Clock at the End of the Hall"
  • Richard Sonnenmoser, "Glitter Girl Lives"
  • Nicole Taylor, "Fish Tail"
  • Kristen Tracey, "Eulogy for a Hypothetical"


  • Jeffrey Alfier, "Terlingua" 
  • Doug Anderson, 2012-2013 RR Featured Poet
  • John Balaban, "Spring-Watching Pavilion"
  • Judy Shepps Battle, "Om Tara" 
  • Benjamin Goldberg, "Gingerbread House" 
  • Dorianne Laux, "The Nakedness of Things"
  • Nissa Lee, "At the Tidal Basin" 
  • Gerardo Mena, "Cylindrical" 
  • Jane Otto, "After" 
  • Scott Owens, "Of Ten or More in a Room"
                            "Partly Norman" 
  • David Rigsbee, "Masha" 
  • Andrea Scarpino, "Without You" 
  • Leslee Wright, "Courtship"‚Äč

  • Terlingua0:54
  • Gingerbread House1:08
  • At The Tidal Basin (Washington, D.C.)0:21
  • Cylindrical0:25
  • Partly Norman0:39
  • Masha2:39
  • Without You0:50

Volume 3 (2013)