• Running Late0:59
  • The White Horses of Wainui Beach0:52
  • This Kind of Room3:29
  • Waiting For love1:06
  • In A Blizzard1:33
  • Gone Off1:00
  • Mineral Rights0:59
  • A Girl Writes a Letter to God2:02
  • Corpus Christi0:37
  • Displacement1:06
  • Playhouse0:57
  • Her Knees, Shaking_Heather Dobbins0:45
  • Long Beach Littoral for Late April_Jeffrey Alfier1:36
  • Shooting Dove_John Blair0:55

Volume 4, No. 2, Fall 2014


  • James Braziel, "Last Time Jake Played the Blues"
  • Amber Burke, "Moon"
  • George Dila, "Maid of the Mist" (PDF)


  • Jeffrey Alfier’s “Long Beach Littoral for Late March” 
  • John Blair’s “Shooting Dove” 
  • Laurie Byro’s “The Fox Requiem” 
  • Allen Chamberlain’s “Walking the Buttermilk Trail”
  • James Crews’s “In a Blizzard” 
  • James Crews’s “Waiting for Love” 
  • Noel Crook’s “Prey”
                            “Orion’s Belt”
  • Wendy DeGroat’s “Running Late”
  • Emari DiGiorgio’s “A Girl Writes a Letter to God” 
  • Emari DiGiorgio’s “The White Horses of Wainui Beach” 
  • Heather Dobbins’s “Her Knees, Shaking” 
  • Tony Gloeggler’s “This Kind of Room” 
  • T. J. McLemore’s “Corpus Christi” 
  • Mara Eve Robbins’s “Almost Raw”
  • Anele Rubin’s “When I Was New” 
  • P. J. Williams’s “Displacement” 
  • Landa wo’s “Lament for the mango tree’s daughter” (English & French) 

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