Volume 5, No. 1, Spring 2015


  • Randall Brown, "I Still Don't Know What They Were Fighting For"
  • Petrina Crockford, "Cul-de-sac" (PDF)
  • Carrie Jane Knowles, "Pinhole Vision"


  • E. Kristin Anderson, “‘Fresh-faced and dirty’” 
  • Ellen Bass, “Deliquescence”
    Hello Morning
  • Joseph Bathanti,  “Light at the Seam”
  •                                “The Windows of Heaven”
  • C. Wade Bentley,  “Gone Off” 
                                    “The Winter from Which None Will Emerge Unscathed” 
  • Tina Mozelle Braziel, “To Season” 
  • Cheryl Dumesnil, “Revolution” 
  • Chera Hammons, “Mineral Rights”
  • Kate Henry, “Each Day”
  • Brock Jones, “Insomnia”
  • Adrian C. Louis, “Unsent Valentine to Porcupine, South Dakota”
  • Mark Madigan, “Kate”
  • Lynn Otto, “Still with My Mother” 
  • Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli, “At the Kitchen Table” 
  • Mike Smith, “Anchorage”
                          “Branson, Missouri”
  • Mark Smith-Soto, “Old Man Winter”

  • Still With My Mother0:52
  • At The Kitchen Table0:57
  • Mineral Rights0:59
  • Gone Off1:00
  • The Winter1:30
  • The Fox Requiem_Laurie Byro0:44
  • To Season1:24
  • At The Kitchen Table0:57
  • Gone Off1:00
  • Mineral Rights0:59
  • Revolution_Cheryl Dumesnil0:34
  • Old Man Winter_Mark Smith-Soto1:03
  • Fresh Faced And Dirty_E Kristin Anderson0:32

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