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Volume 5, No. 2, Fall 2015


  • Laney Arbelaez, "Cold"
  • Mark Brazaitis, "Goodbye, Goodbyes"
  • David P. Langlinais, "Fine Lines"
  • Lauri Maerov, "River


  • Jennifer Bartell's “Leaves Like Prayer” 
  • Lisa Beans's “So Let's Talk About Metaphors” 
  • Mary Block's “Mother of Pearl” 
  • Chelsey Butler's “Words”
  • Sarah Crossland's “Darling” 
  • Kwame Dawes's “Rain” 
  • Barbara Edelman's “It is nor hand nor foot in the mouth” 
  • Elyse Fenton's “Life on Other Planets”
  • Brock Jones, "Dendrochronology"
  • Tod Marshall, "We Carry Guilt Like a Virus" 
  • John Messick, “The Dog Yard Storm” 
  • Wendy Neale Merry, “After you promised...” 
                                         "Your second chance..." 
  • Joe Mills, “Enter Ghosts”
  • A. Molotkov, “The Catalog of Broken Things”
  • William Orem, “The Swimmer”
  • Diana Reaves, “Benedictions” 
  • Nancy Reddy, "Of All That Is Seen and Unseen"
                             "The First Miracle"
  • T. J. Sandella, "The Former Number One Draft Pick..." 
  • Brittany Scott, "Schema" 
  • Martha Silano, "What To Say When Your Baby..." 
  • Chantelle Smith, "From the Kitchen Porch"
  • Heather Swan, "Thaw" 
  • Emily Vizzo, "The One Passenger"

  • It is nor hand nor foot in mouth1:01
  • former2:19
  • So Let's Talk About Metaphors_Lisa Beans0:35
  • Darling1:29
  • Leaves Like A Prayer1:14
  • Schema2:01
  • thaw0:31
  • Mother of Pear_Mary Blockl0:48
  • Dog Yard Storm1:10
  • Your second chance, in the rear view mirror_Wendy Merry1:20
  • After you promised it only happened once_Wendy Merry1:34
  • Benedictions2:27