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Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall 2017


  • Joyce Goldenstern, "The Soul of a Parrot"
  • Janet Jennings, "Root Cellar"
  • Jody Hobbs Hesler, "Regular English"
  • Amanda Bales, "Getting By"
  • Derek Updegraff, "The Bull from Kelp Forest"
  • Tommy Jenkins, "Killing The Super Avenger"


  • Kristin Robertson, "Poem for My Unborn Daughter"
  • Franny Choi, "Pyrolysis"
  • Emily Paige Wilson, "Reasons to Return Home"
  • Stephen Gibson, "Noir"
  • Caitlyn Curran, "Elegy Stitched Together"
                                "I Am Not Your Aunt"
  • Jenna Bazzell, "All Is Wild, All Is Silent"
    The Speaker's Prayer"
  • Michelle Bitting, "Glass Bottom Boat"
  • Kirun Kapur, "The Annunciation"
                            "Incarnation Ghazal"
  • Angela Bilger, "Jacksonville, Near I-295"
  • Stephen Gibson, "Noir"
  • Mario Ariza, "Erratic Transcription of Notes Taken. . ."
  • Cody Smith, "Louisiana"
  • Chloe Honum, "At the Garden Inn, Blytheville, Arkansas"
                               "Birthday at a Motel 6"
  • Arielle Hebert, "Unspoken Conversation. . ."
  • Stephen Gibson, "Noir"
  • Emily Rose Cole, "How Not to Remember Your Mother"
  • Celisa Steele, "My Father's Dementia Diagnosed"
  • Esteban Rodríguez, "Shotgun"
  • Heather Derr-Smith, "Sacrifice" 


Raleigh Review vol. 7, no. 2 (fall 2017), pp. 96-97. 

Poems of Wild Music: Duet
Dorianne Laux and Joseph Millar. Duet. Durham, North Carolina. Jacar Press, 2017.
​$12, paper.

​Raleigh Review vol. 7, no. 2 (fall 2017), pp. 98-99.

I Have Memories, You Know: Dream of the Gone-From City
Barbara Edelman. Dream of the Gone-From City. Pittsburgh, PA.
Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2017. $15.95, paper.