• Zachary Lunn: "Guts"
  • Margaret Osburn: "How Unlucky Are The Dead"
  • Amy McNamara: "Claire Unmoored"
  • Josalyn Knapic: "Fawns"
  • Janna Moretti: "The Three of Us"
  • Mark Adel: "Unveiling"


  • ​​Bernard Ferguson: "self portrait with nostalgia"​ and "only so many types of hunger you can pack onto an island before you're surrounded"
  • Ina Cariño: "Ritual for Sickness"
  • Logan February: "Lazarus, Drugged Up" and "Three Witch Haibun" and "Hive"
  • José Angel Araguz: "Foil"
  • Kim Garcia: "I won't wait for you to be God"
  • Anne Dyer Stuart: "Playboy"
  • Adrian C. Louis: "Electric Snakes #5" and "A Reasonable Nightmare"
  • Nicole Stockburger: "Because the Air is Lavender and Wine"
  • Mark Wagenaar: "Let it Shine on Me" and "Silence"
  • William Brewer: "Pilgrims"
  • Marrisa Coon Rose: "Touring the White Trash Yards of the Rust Belt"

Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring 2018

RR 8.1 cover "Eve" by Geri Digiorno

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